MK Standard Stars Online

1.8 angstrom resolution

This database contains 1.8 angstrom resolution spectra of selected MK standard spectral types centered in the blue-violet.
There is also a page of spectra for 3.6 angstrom resolution

Star Names enclosed in parentheses ( ) are not specifically MK standards, but fit well as that spectral type, determined by R. O. Gray

Stars qualified by an (n) contain broadened absorption features due to rapid rotation.

SpT LmT: Dwarf ----- --- Giant --- -----SuperGiant
O4 HD46223   O4 V
O6 HD46150   O6 V Lam Cep   O6 If
O7 15 Mon   O7 V
O8 HD46149   O8 V
O9 HD46202   O9 V Iot Ori   O9 III
Pecular O-types

B0 Eps Per   B0.5 III Eps Ori   B0 Ia
B1 Ome1 Sco   B1 V Bet CMa   B1 II-III Zet Per   B1 Ib Kap Cas   B1 Ia
B2 22 Sco   B2 V
HR1891   B2.5 V
Gam Peg   B2 IV Pi4 Ori   B2 III 9 Cep   B2 Ib Chi2 Ori   B2 Ia
B3 29 Per   B3 V
Iot Her   B3 V
B5 HD36936   B5 V Tau Ori   B5 III Eta CMa   B5 Ia
B7 HR1029   B7 V
Alp Leo   B7 V
Bet Tau   B7 III
B8 Bet Per   B8 V 13 Cep   B8 Ib
B9 HR749a   B9 V Alp Del   B9 IV (Gam Lyr)   B9 II HR1035   B9 Ia
Pecular B-types

A0 HR3314   A0 V
Alp Dra   A0 III Eta Leo   A0 Ib HR1040   A0 Ia
A1 HR2324   A1 V Rho Peg   A1 IV
A2 HR2996   A2 Ib Alp Cyg   A2 Ia
A3 Bet Leo   A3 V Bet Eri   A3 IV
A5 HD23194   A5 V Bet Tri   A5 IV HD73210   A5 III Omi Sco   A5 II HR2874   A5 Ib HR825   A5 Ia
A7 HR3974   A7 V
2 Hya   A7 V
HD23156   A7 V
The2 Tau   A7 III
A9 Gam Her   A9 III
Pecular A-types

F0 HD23585   F0 V 57 Tau   F0 IV Zet Leo   F0 III HR292   F0 II Alp Lep   F0 Ib Phi Cas   F0 Ia
F2 78 UMa   F2 V Bet Cas   F2 III Nu Aql   F2 Ib
F3 HR1279   F3 V HR1566   F3 IV
F5 HD27524   F5 V
HR5634   F5 V
HR2706   F5 IV-III HR586(n)   F5 III
(60 UMa)   F5 III
HR7495   F5 II-III Alp Per   F5 Ib HD10494   F5 Ia
F6 Gam Ser   F6 V Alp Tri   F6 IV HR6577   F6 III-IV
HR831   F6 III-IV
F8 HD27808   F8 V HR8905   F8 III Gam Cyg   F8 Ib Del CMa   F8 Ia
F9 Eta Cas A   F9 V
Pecular F-types

G0 Bet CVn   G0 V 81 Psc   G0 III
Phi3 Psc   G0 IIIa
Bet Aqr   G0 Ib
G1 16 CygA   G1.5 V
G2 Moon   G2 V 84 Her   G2 III HR157   G2.5 II Alp Aqr   G2 Ib
G3 16 CygB   G3 V 37 LMi   G3 II
G4 24 UMa   G4 IV HR8752   G4 (0)
G5 Kap Cet   G5 V 9 Peg   G5 Ib
G8 61 UMa   G8 V Kap Gem   G8 III Eps Gem   G8 Ib
G9 Bet LMi   G9 III
Eps Oph   G9.5 Fe-0.5
Pecular G-types

K0 54 Psc   K0 V Eta Cep   K0 IV Eta Cyg   K0 III
K1 HR6018   K1 III-IV
K2 HD184467   K2 V Kap Oph   K2 III
K3 HR 753   K3 V
K5 61 CygA  K5 V Alp Tau   K5 III
K7 61 CygB   K7 V
Pecular K-types

M0 Gl172 A   M0.5 V
M2 Gl15a   M2 V Chi Peg   M2 III Mu Cep   M2 Ia
M3 GL15b   M3.5 V
Pecular M-types