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This website is dedicated to the release of near real-time spectral data from the NASA/JPL NStars project through Appalachian State University. The main public area of the site is through the web interface which anyone can use by following the links below. Also, as required by the classification process (but not specifically the NStars project) MK Standards are available through this site. These standards were obtained with the telescopes and spectrographs utilized for this project, and may not be appropriate for all uses.

Currently, the database contains spectra for 3415 out of 3596 Stars

Release Of Data To The Public

Nearby Star Online Spectra
Nearby Star ListQuery
Nearby Star Catalog
Currently Reduced spectra from the
project with real-time spectral plots.
Also Stromgren uvby, Johnson
UBVRI, Cousins VRI and 2MASS photometry.
Allows users to interface with the database and generate data sets automatically. 3597 stars within 40pcs earlier than M0 identified by the Hipparcos mission.

Note: Coordinates supplied by this website are taken directly from the Hipparcos catalogue.  These coordinates are epoch 1991.25, equinox 2000 (that is to say, they are precessed to 2000, but proper motions have not been applied between 1991.25 and 2000).  Please see the Hipparcos mission website (http://astro.estec.esa.nl/Hipparcos/ ) for more information and for reference to the latest astrometry (the Tycho-2 catalogue).

Other Resources

MK Standard Spectra

Standards for everything from Nearby Star Classification to the Classroom
Nearby Stars Observation Database
(password protected)
Interactive Database for observing lists and observation recording.
Only project colaborators may gain access to this database.


Paper 1:  Contributions to the Nearby Stars (NSTARS) Project: Spectroscopy of Stars Earlier than M0 within 40 parsecs.
The Northern Sample I, 2003, Gray, R.O. , Corbally, C.J., Garrison, R.F., McFadden, M.T. & Robinson, P.E. (AJ  126, 2048)
Table 1: Data table for the above paper in ASCII format

IBVS 5055 :  Three New Southern Emission-Line Late-Type Dwarfs, 2001,Gray, R.O. & McFadden, M.T.

Press Release for AAS Jan 04 meeting for poster 43.03 on Stellar Activity in Nearby Solar-Type Stars

Table of preliminary basic physical parameters and spectral types for stars with exoplanets.

A Cross-Dispersed Medium Resolution Spectrograph for Appalachian State University's 32-inch Telescope (Kelly A. Kluttz)
This is a Microsoft Word document. To view this, it may be necessary to right click & save to disk


NASA's NStars Database The authority on Nearby Stars
Simbad Astronomical Database Everything... well almost.
The Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission the source of our astrometry and parallax data
A manual for the DSO Gray/Miller Spectrograph
A Digital Spectral Classification Atlas
SPECTRUM: A stellar spectral synthesis code
Stellar Spectral Classification: A new monograph on spectral classification by Richard O. Gray and Christopher J. Corbally, published by Princeton University Press

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